Zhejiang Hisea Plastic Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Hisea Plastic Co., Ltd is founded in 2003, and located at the famous Mould Town-Huangyan. We own four workshops, according blow workshop, mold workshop, foaming workshop and processing workshop. Single float, double float, jet ski float, fish farmfloat, floating dock.

Hot Products

    • U Jet Ski Floating Pontoon

      U Jet Ski Floating Pontoon

      U Jet Ski Floating pontoon U Float: U Float(with roller): FEATURES OF U Jet Ski Floating pontoon : 1.Material Use the best available HMWHDPE material, with enhanced interlocking design, make the floating structures with HIGH Tensile strength and IZOD impact Strength, material is 100% recyclable...

    • Used Floating Dock

      Used Floating Dock

      Used floating dock Used Floating Dock Use imported raw materials, firm and durable, 15 years of service. The float and its corresponding float accessories are made by blow molding. Then seal the opening with a plug to prevent water or other foreign matter from entering. You can also take the...

    • Plastic Floating Bridge

      Plastic Floating Bridge

      Plastic Floating Bridge The float is a new product. It is widely used in tourism industry and brings convenience to people's walking