Application of water platform engineering in tourism industry

- Aug 21, 2018-

People are eager to see the riverside ecological landscape, the trees and trees, the fish and shrimps swimming, the birds circling the river ecological landscape, the hydrophilic platform provides a good platform for contact with water and plants, understanding the water environment, and now in many tourist landscapes. You can see the unique water-based platforms built by the water buoys, such as floating docks, marinas, landscape pontoons, water stage, water swimming pools, floating houses, ecological floating islands, etc. People's favorite, the application of water engineering in the tourism industry has also begun to become more and more widespread.

The application of the water platform in the tourism industry allows visitors to satisfy the instinct of hydrophilic instinct. For those living in the high-rise urban life of the modern city, it is a nightmare to fully experience the water life on the water surface, using water buoys to build the water. The landscape platform can effectively live on the water to watch the water scenery, which can make it feel like a city that is not smelling and the dust is washed. The application of the water platform in various fields can further utilize the water space. It is conducive to the expansion of urban space.