Basic definition of buoy

- Aug 21, 2018-

Because of its good impact resistance, performance and reasonable price, the float has gradually become popular in China. The most important thing is that it is harmless to the environment and basically requires no maintenance, whether it is deep water, water, salt water or fresh water. Frozen water hot water, clean water sewage, almost as long as there is water, the pontoon can make the best use of it, the various products of the pontoon have endless changes, freely combined into various shapes, simple and quick installation and disassembly, Environmentally friendly, lightweight, stable and safe, 100% maintenance-free.

A closed metal cylinder floating on the water surface, the lower part is fixed with an iron anchor, used for mooring or making a navigation mark, and the other has a new type of buoy, which is made of strong polymer polyethylene and other materials, and has good weather resistance and resistance. The impact is destructive, it can protect against ultraviolet rays, anti-freeze, anti-seawater chemical grease, etc. It can be automatically lifted and lowered with the fluctuation of water tide, and is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as floating bridges and floating docks.