Five quality metrics for buoys

- Aug 21, 2018-

In the actual use of the floating body, the following five inspections of the floating body (buoyancy, overall weight, degree of plasticization of the plastic shell, density of the inner filling foam, foaming holes of the floating body) should also be performed to ensure the quality of the floating body:

1. The buoyancy of the floating body: generally requires more than 30% of the weight of the pipeline itself (including the mud with a specific gravity of 1.3). When the pipeline is working, the height of the exposed water surface is about 1/4 of the height of the steel pipe.

2. The overall weight of the floating body: not less than 3-5% of the ordering parameter, because the weight of the floating body is related to the weight of the floating body, and the specific gravity and volume of the floating body foam, the floating body with too light weight, the strength of the molded case and The proportion of foam is difficult to guarantee, and the proportion of foam should be about 35 kg/m3.

3. Plasticization degree of floating plastic shell: The interior of plasticized floating body should be smooth and smooth without obvious granular materials.

4. The density of the internal filling foam: generally should be about 35 kg / cubic meter. At this time, the tensile strength is about 0.2MPA, which is slightly elastic, and it is not sticky or brittle. Only the floating body that guarantees the above product standard is a really durable and good floating body.

5. Floating body foam hole: the welding must be firm, and there should be repair welding when there is a leak.