Operation rules for safe production of blow molding machine (1)

- May 29, 2019-

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一. Do the preparatory work before starting

1. Heating and holding time is sufficient to reach the temperature condition.

2. Open air compressor 30 minutes in advance to meet the required pressure conditions.

3. During the heating process, the water pump is turned on, and the cooling water of the upper servo cylinder connection body of the machine head is always turned on.

4. Prepare in advance, mix and match materials.

5. Sanitary cleaning, tool preparation, magnetic rack inspection and cleaning.

6. Each guide column and each lubrication point are sprayed with oil for lubrication.

7. Open the main oil pump and enter the manual page Debugging each action in turn is perfectly executed without any problems.

   (Actions include, opening and closing die in place, blowing needle up and down in place, expansion opening and closing in place, manipulator opening and closing in place, clamping device opening and closing, lower seal opening and closing, push bar advance and retreat)