Operation rules for safe production of blow molding machine (2)

- Jun 01, 2019-


二. Starting up

1. Turn on the feeder

2. Open main oil pump, servo pump and skein.

3. Rotate the knob of potentiometer, pay attention not to rotate it to the bottom at one time, gradually increase the speed, closely observe the current size and change, the maximum instantaneous current should not exceed 220A.

4. After the skewers of the main machine are opened, when the feeding quantity simulation display rod reaches the middle section, the die mouth is opened, the material is injected once, and then the die mouth is closed and cut off the blank. After several runs, prepare to start the automatic production process.

5. Open the main screen, press the red button in position and return to position. After the action is completed, press the “automatic preparation” touch button, and then press the “program start” touch button. ( Or press the empty loop key once to check the automatic action)