Operation rules for safe production of blow molding machine (3)

- Jun 05, 2019-


三.According to the required weight of the products as soon as possible out of qualified products, adjust the feed amount and weight on the “F1” page of the wall thickness controller, then adjusted according to the actual weight of the product.

Firstly, adjust the feeding quantity to get the proper length of blank, it can be controlled by the once loop button.

Adjust the item of “weight correction” to adjust the appropriate thickness and product weight in time.

Case A: The product is overweight to need to reduce, reduce the value that adds material quantity above all, adjust at the same time “weight fills positive” for negative value, adjust the product thin.

Case B: Products too light need to increase, first increase the amount of feeding value, and at the same time adjust “weight supplement” for negative value, the product thickness adjustment.

Under the condition that the feeding quantity and thickness are basically normal and relatively stable, adjust the weight of the product to fully meet the requirements of the weight range, to obtain qualified products.

Touch screen control on the page menu “time”, “qualified” is expected to trace adjustment time can be used as a product of the weight of item, but must have good control of material blown out mould edge shoes in a suitable range( this is mainly used to ensure that products can be forming and qualified). Mainly depends on the regulation of wall thickness controller F1 on the page with correction to adjust feed rate, and weight.

In the normal production process, once the waste products appear, it is necessary to adjust the time of high-pressure blowing to a relatively small value, and the time of venting should also be adjusted to a small value in time, so as to ensure enough air pressure to form the next qualified product.