Application Of Floats

- Jun 09, 2019-

Sichuan has many rivers and a long history.The territory has a total of 1,419 rivers of all sizes, including 345 rivers with a drainage area of 500 square kilometers and 22 rivers with a drainage area of 1,000 square kilometers.Except the baihe river and heihe river in the northwest, which pour into the Yellow River from south to north, the rest belong to the Yangtze river system.The length of jinsha river, minjiang river, jialing river, tuojiang river and fujiang river and other major river systems in sichuan are all over 500 kilometers long. All the rivers converge from the marginal mountains to the bottom of the basin and inject into the haohao Yangtze river.The water of the Yangtze river is flowing thousands of miles to the east.

Because sichuan is located in the basin, the geographical environment advantage is larger, the river is numerous, so the water source protection is also relatively good.In recent years, due to human factors, lead to soil and vegetation, frequent landslides phenomenon, especially in rain season, most of the dead tree debris flows into the rivers, the river pollution brought a heavy blow, as a result, the government in the aspect of water pollution control is also spend a lot of effort, but not as people wish governance effect.I saw these news reports, company through plastic rotational molding method of our company, to develop more suitable for waste water interception of buoy, through a simple way of joining together, the originally single plastic buoy together, constitute a drain grating barrier, can effectively block the spread of the garbage and spread, have a very good garbage interception effect.

The company produces PE material containers of different shapes.Because of its impact resistance, performance and reasonable price, water barrier buoy is gradually becoming popular in China. The most important thing is that it is environmentally friendly and needs little maintenance.No matter it is deep water, shallow water, still water, fresh water, frozen water, hot water, clean water sewage, almost as long as there is water, the buoy can be used.