Floating Buoy Device Of Low Head Hydropower Station

- Jun 09, 2019-

Floating buoy device of low head hydropower station:

1. The new type of sewage interception and transportation is simpler. The interception of floating objects in the river can save huge transportation costs and eliminate the waste of human resources

2. The installation of this anti-fouling device is simpler, and there is no tedious installation process and technical requirements for anti-floating objects in the river, so it can be installed and used in combination at any time and anywhere.

3, new drain grating buoy need not be restricted by landform, any exception to steep topography can make a reasonable security solution for installation, compared with the traditional iron trash rack, river floaters interception installation cost of float is definitely save a lot of, also greatly reduce the risk coefficient, more conducive to the operation of the construction personnel to install, more reduced the risk in the process of construction.

4. The service life of the new anti-pollution buoy is longer than that of the traditional steel buoy, which has reached more than 15 years. This buoy is made of special plastic made of polyethylene, which extends its characteristics of corrosion protection, radiation protection, acid and alkali resistance better.

5, new drain grating buoy can better adapt to the geographical environment, whether during flood season and dry season, the drain grating device will not be affected by any, due to block the dirt at the beginning of the buoy design, as the water of river floater intercept float can be lift and elevator, this compared to traditional drain grating device, has more derivatives and advantage.River floaters intercept floats