Material Of The Pipe Float

- Aug 21, 2018-

Rich in toughness, hardness, ability to withstand natural environment changes and low temperature attack, will not pollute water quality, and can be recycled and reused. The entire float is seamlessly formed at one time; the characteristics of the pipe float are light and only one-eighth of the steel pipe; Flange connection, easy to install, disassemble and transport, shorten the start-up time, improve efficiency; good flexibility, flexibility, pipe wall folding without breaking; can bend in water, good anti-wind wave effect; connect the concave and convex surface in the 30 degree area, no need to repair Paving the floor; wear resistance is 4-8 times that of steel pipe, longer service life; pipe material is UV resistant, anti-aging; length is 6-12 meters, or customized according to needs; both ends with movable flange, directly bolted It can ensure that the nozzle is not deformed during use for long-term installation and disassembly, does not break, does not drip, and ensures high efficiency of transportation.