The Development Of The Cruise Ship Dock Project In China!

- Aug 21, 2018-

With the development of the national economy, China's tourism industry is also booming. I will introduce you to you below:

1. Embankment: construction of reinforced concrete, masonry or other structural methods, and embedded steel structure hinge device at the junction of the movable ladder.

2. Steel structure movable ladder: The main structure adopts hot-rolled channel steel, and the handrail is connected with square steel pipe or round steel pipe to increase the load capacity and the anti-corrosion template is laid on the ladder surface. The movable ladder and the embankment are hinged. The movable ladder and the floating dock are in contact with the movable pulley. The steel plate is placed in the force receiving area of the pulley to strengthen the steel structure skeleton of the floating pier and increase the force area.

3, the main (support) Dao floating dock: mainly composed of three parts, pontoon (buoyancy part), stressed steel structure (link and loaded body), walkway (wood skeleton and wooden floor).

4. Positioning piles: There are mainly prefabricated concrete pipe piles, steel piles, pouring piles, wooden piles, etc.

5. Water supply and power supply system: The PP plastic pipe for water supply is softly connected, and the power supply uses marine cable and special waterproof plug.