The Main Advantages Of Floating Water Photovoltaic

- Aug 21, 2018-

1. Appropriate land: It is built on the water surface and does not occupy land resources, which can reduce the land acquisition cost.

2. Increase power generation: The water body has a cooling effect on the photovoltaic modules, which can suppress the rise of the surface temperature of the components, thereby obtaining higher power generation.

3. Reducing evaporation and algae reproduction: Covering the solar panels on the water surface can theoretically reduce the evaporation of water surface, inhibit the algae reproduction in the water, and is conducive to the protection of water resources.

4. Convenient operation and maintenance: The photovoltaic power station is built in water, which can reduce the pollution of dust to components, and facilitate the cleaning of components. At the same time, it is difficult for people and animals to access components, which can effectively prevent the damage of components by personnel and animals.

5. Tourism Benefits: The photovoltaic modules that are neatly arranged on the vast water surface can be used as a unique attraction and become a landscape in the region, bringing tourism benefits.

6. Avoid component shading: Compared with land, the water surface is relatively open, which can effectively avoid the blockage of components such as mountains and trees, and the solar radiation area is uniform and the illumination time is long.

7. Reduce tracking system cost: Consistent component angle and spacing, convenient installation and operation of solar tracking system, no need to install dual-axis tracking system for each panel, greatly reducing tracking system cost.

8. Cost saving: no need for component foundation and bracket, saving foundation and bracket cost, saving cost.